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Adam Smith is a documentary filmmaker with a keen interest in urbanisation, and how individuals and communities adapt to rapid change. To date, he has produced, directed and edited four short documentaries in America – The Diner, Love & Allegiance (co-dir Tijana Petrovic), Shangri-La, Role Play – and one feature documentary in China, The Land of Many Palaces (co-dir Song Ting). He is currently in post-production on Americaville, a feature-documentary about the replica of the Wyoming town of Jackson Hole in Hebei, China. In addition to making his own films, he has worked for TED, Rabbit Bandini Productions, Stanford’s Office of Public Affairs, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the Chinese National Academy of Painting.

Eric Bednarski is a Warsaw based film director/writer. Born in Halifax, Canada, Bednarski studied history and filmmaking in North America and Europe. His documentary film work with the National Film Board of Canada has garnered him a Gemini Award and a Writers Guild of Canada Award nomination, and he was awarded the Decoration of Honour “Meritorious for Polish Culture” by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Bednarski’s films have been broadcast across the world and have also screened at international festivals, at the United Nations, the European Parliament and the State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Francesca Molteni: After graduating in Theoretical Philosophy from the University of Milan, Francesca Molteni took a Postgraduate course in Film Production at New York University. From 1999, she worked with Enrico Deaglio on the RAIZ3 program “L’Elmo di Scipio”. She directed television formats and documentaries for the RAI network. From 2002 to 2009, she produced historical documentaries, television formats and institutional videos with 3D Produzioni Video. She managed the design, launch and production of the online platform, the first web TV channel dedicated to design. In 2009 she set up the MUSE Factory of Projects.  She recived multiple awards for her activity and has a large teaching career.

Giorgio Scianca, architect and cultural promoter of events and happenings connected with architecture. Creator and editor of the web newspaper, winner of several international awards for the dissemination of architectural culture. Director of the award and the festival Dedalo Minosse Cinema (Vicenza, Italy). He has recently published a book, a complete guide about architects in the movies: „Architect’s recitation – 1523 movies and one video game”.

Joe Gilbert graduated from University for the Creative Arts in 2013 with a degree in Film Production. He then since has pursued his passion for documentary filmmaking, winning multiple awards at international film festivals. His work mainly analyses Britain’s relationship with architecture. Filmography: : Barbicania, Streets in the Sky (both will be part of UrbanEye Film Festival 2015), English 3.0.

Miruna Stroe is an architect and a teacher at the Architecture and Urbanism University in Bucharest, in the History & Theory of Architecture and Patrimony Preserver Department. She’s an associated architect at Mood Factory. In 2012 she graduated with a thesis on “Housing – project or political decision. Romania 1954 – 1966″. She is preoccupied with recent architecture history but also with urban memory.

Journalist Nathan Eddy began his film career in 2012 with the production of The Absent Column, a short-form documentary he directed concerning the demolition of late-modern icon Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital. His next effort concerns dual efforts to improve the appreciation of post-modern architecture through two case studies in Chicago and Portland, Oregon, with the tentative–but likely discarded–working title ‘The Rise and Fall of Starship Chicago

Republic of Architects is a co-laboratory atelier borned from the wish of the partners involved in it to raise questions about modern architecture, design and cities. Their strategy is based on negotiation – with clients, inside the team, with outside or intern collaborators – the main ingredient for the best landing. MoMi is a modular living unit designed by Republic of Architects in order to push housing as far as possible from the interior. Through its condensed form MoMi takes little space so it can leave enough for the exterior world.