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Film screening for high school students: „Do more with less”

  • Friday, 6 November, 19:00

In partnership with Archaeus Foundation and the Architect’tool project, UrbanEye Film Festival organizes an online film screening dedicated to students from architecture high schools and vocational schools, followed by a discussion moderated by Marius Miclăuș. The students are going to watch the documentary “Do more with less” (R: Mario Novas, Katerina Kliwadenko, 2018, Ecuador), which shows how young architects in Latin America bring a paradigm shift, offering a new understanding of how this profession interacts with the society. Exploring the ways in which the future of architecture in the area can be improved and offering an alternative economic model, the film analyzes the construction of real projects with students, users and architects themselves.


Arhitec’tool is an initiative of architects Ana Felvinczi and Marius Miclăuș through the Archaeus Foundation, which aims to define a communication platform between vocational high schools in Romania. Following the identification of a multidisciplinary network of teachers, architects, sociologists, psychologists, artists, this approach aims to build together with students a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that will help them in the future, as adults, to see aspects of life in a creative manner, as discerning citizens involved in what is happening in their living environment.

Arhitec’tool is a project of the Archaeus Foundation co-financed by the Order of Architects of Romania from the stamp of architecture.

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