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UrbanEye Film Festival is taking place between 6th and 10th November 2019

This year, the sixth edition of UrbanEye Film Festival, takes place from 6th to 10thof  Novemberat  Cinema Elvire Popesco and ARCUB. In the foreground are films and events that bring into question the relationship between city and nature. How does nature influence the built environment? How do people transform the environment and the landscape? How do people live in extreme conditions and how can we bring the nature into urbanized spaces? These are some of the questions raised through the documentary films and through the related events within the festival.

Most of the selected films will be presented as national premieres, each of them displaying different aspects of how the urban environment and nature are mutually influenced. The viewers are invited to think about how man has shaped nature (in “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch” and “Zhalanash – the empty shore”), to see how the concepts of habitation and home are defined in different parts of the world (in “The Human Shelter”) and to travel from the most polluted city of Russia (in the “Melting Souls”) to the harsh conditions in the Himalayas, where the access to the educational services involves huge sacrifices for the small communities (in the “Children of the Snow Country” ).

A special section of the festival, present every year, is Portraits of Architects. “60 Elephants” about Yona Friedman, “Renzo Piano, The Architect of Light” and “Renzo Piano, The Power of the Archive” are the documentaries that will be screening this year.   The public is also invited to see “City Dreamers”. This is a Canadian movie about four outstanding architects. This documentary includes interviews with the protagonists and presents their stories which embody the beginning of their careers, the difficulties encountered and, especially, the motivation to innovate in the field through bold projects, but also through the militancy for responsible urban planning.

During the festival, the public can watch documentaries on how changes caused by the political regime are reflected in architecture, in city and people’s life. The spectators can watch “Palace for the People”, which tells the story of five representative buildings for the Socialist Era, “Timebox”, a personal archive that had been filmed in the city of Iasi for 40 years, and “Warsaw: A City Divided”, about the construction of the Warsaw ghetto, seen from both sides of the wall and about the legacy it left behind.

For the first time, UrbanEye proposes linked film screenings with fARAD 6, the Documentary Film Festival held in Arad. Gathered under the theme ” The Map and The Territories” some of the titles from fARAD will be screened during UrbanEye. The movie ,,Havana, from on high” will be followed by a debate about the city as a cinematic subject.

For more details visiturbaneye.roand the Facebook page UrbanEye Film Festival.

UrbanEye Film Festival is an ARTA`s project, a cultural project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and by the Order of Romania`s Architects.