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UrbanEye 2022 | 1st Cluj edition

After 8 editions in Bucharest, UrbanEye Film Festival – a festival about architecture, city and urban life – arrives for a first edition in Cluj-Napoca, between May 11-15, 2022, where it will be hosted by Cinema ARTA.

In response to the current political and social context, this edition focuses on the destruction of cities and what it means to rebuild them.

The destruction of homes, monuments, and even the city as a whole are lately realities that hit close to home. Through the selected films we want to reflect on the material values ​​of these places lost in various armed conflicts, but especially on the symbolic, emotional values ​​and relationships in the communities that inhabit them.

In addition to the main theme, this edition also features films specific to the recurring themes of the previous editions of the festival that took place in Bucharest such as housing, urban development or highlighting the works of certain architects and established artists.

Using the film selection as a conversation starter, we invite the people of Cluj to guided tours, workshops for children and various debates with the guests of the festival through which we can explore together the subjects of Urban Eye Film Festival 2022 | 1st Cluj edition.

The full schedule, details of the screenings, tickets and festival passes will be announced soon.

The UrbanEye Film Festival is a project of the ARTA association in dialogue co-financed by the Romanian Order of Architects from the stamp of architecture.