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Opening Gala | Corina Sirghi in concert

We open the anniversary edition of the UrbanEye Film Festival with the screening of Building Visions, followed by a tasty Corina Sîrghi and Toma Dimitriu concert.

Wednesday, November 8, from 6:30 p.m,

Building Visions Project / Building the Future (Austria, 2022)

The four-episode series filmed in the Netherlands, Austria, India and Peru introduces us to the world of architects trying to find solutions to the major challenges facing society today: climate change, rapid urban growth, local community involvement, education and migration. These architects bring new perspectives to climate-adapted housing and sustainable buildings, transforming creativity and humanitarian intentions into concrete projects and implementing some of them in collaboration with residents. We accompany them on their journeys to places where financial resources are limited, social discontent prevails, and climate change threatens the environment.

After the screening, in the foyer of the French Institute, from 8:30 p.m.

Concert Corina Sirghi & Toma Dimitriu (piano)

Corina is a fabulous voice, constantly searching for more: urban landscapes, the sounds of nature in the city and the occasional delightful trills of urban dwellers.

In a parallel town, Corina takes care of all the lovers of the cities of the world; lovers go to his spoken words as if to an oracle, then choose whether to love each other ten or one, together or apart.

It manages to bring the voice of love to cities, between walls, on the streets, in cafes and in buildings lost in time. And this time, he brings the song of love hummed by all of us to the foyer of the French Institute.

Access to the concert is based on the ticket from Building Visions or the UrbanEye subscription.

Access will be limited to 80 seats.

Tickets are available here.

You’re welcome!

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