[EXTENDED DEADLINE] CALL FOR FILMS: UrbanEye Film Festival is looking for films inspired by the Romanian architectural and urban realities


THE NEW DEADLINE: 25 September

At its third edition, UrbanEye Film Festival invites both independent filmmakers and producers, to enter the competition for movies inspired by the Romanian architectural and urban realities. The festival is looking for films where the city, the architecture, or the urban life of Romania are the main characters, the main topics, or significant backgrounds for the stories. Deadline: 25 September.

The nominated films will be part of a special screening this autumn during the third edition of the international Film Festival that will take place in Bucharest, in November. The festival jury will award the UrbanEye Prize for the best film.

The following categories can be entered in the competition: documentaries, fiction, experimental, animation – either of which are expected to creatively approach and interpret subjects related to the architectural and urban context in Romania.

At the 2015 edition, the UrbanEye Prize was won by „Common Grounds”, a Belgium/Luxemburg co-production. Cătălin Mitulescu (director, scriptwriter), Mihai Fulger (film critic), Noémi Soltész (architect, curator for Budapest architecture film days), Sofia Murato (founder, Lisbon Architecture Film Festival) and Frederik Bojer Bové (Architecture Festival Copenhagen) were part of the jury.

The subscription form and the rules are available on the FilmFreeway platform.

The UrbanEye Project took form in 2014 as a platform for discussions through films on architecture and cities, both for professionals in this area, as well as for the general public. Our main activity involves organizing the first film festival in Romania to promote discussions on the built environment and urban life. UrbanEye encourages the creation of movies inspired by the architectural and urban reality in Romania by including a special section during the festival dedicated to these topics.

UrbanEye Film Festival is a cultural project of ARTA in dialogue association. The festival’s third edition is a cultural project financed within the Cultural Program Bucharest – The In-visible City and co-financed by The Romanian Order of Architects thru architecture stamp.


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