Director:Ylvaa Johansson & Anna-My Novotny
Duration:36 min
Projection:3 nov, 17:00, CINEMA ELVIRA POPESCU
Subtitles:engleză, română

Ylvaa meets Izabela in Oslo’s city park in the summer of 2012. Izabela is 18 years old and lives in the park to collect money to support her family back home in Romania. Three years later they meet again in Sweden by coincidence – Ylvaa is now studying in the university, but Izabela’s situation is unchanged. She’s now living in a van with her mother, brother and cousin, selling magazines to send money to her twin sons. When it’s time for Izabela to travel back to her home town, Berbesti, Ylvaa goes with her.

Awards and Festivals:

will premiere at Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm 2018

Tickets for the film “Izabela” can be bought here.