Welcome to Refugeestan

Director:Anne Poiret
Duration:69 min
Projection:2 nov, 19:00, CINEMA ELVIRA POPESCU

This film focuses on the way the UNHCR manages camps that shelter more than 16 million refugees all around the world, creating a virtual country as large as the Netherlands. How does the UNHCR deal with the urgent needs of thousands of new refugees that arrive each day? How has this emergency response turned into a durable situation with an average stay of over fifteen years? What are the long-term perspectives for this kind of response to humanitarian urgency?
Shot all around the world – Kenya, Tanzania, Jordan, the border of Greece/Macedonia- and in the UNHCR offices.

Awards and Festivals:

Festival des Étoiles – Scam 2017 /  FIGRA Festival International du Grand Reportage d’Actualité et du Documentaire de Société 2017

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